The Scent of Summer is in a Popsicle: St. Augustine Mom’s Blog 2019 Summer Explore Tour

“Free popsicles,” I said in a luring voice. My boy, who was in an ornery five-year-old sort of mood, didn’t want to go to the park on a beautiful summer day. The Pirate Park no less — the one with the monster sized octopus ready and waiting to be climbed on. Who can resist a monster sized octopus? Apparently a grouchy five-year-old can.

“Popsicles?” His ears had perked up.

“The nice ladies at the Mom’s Blog have popsicles just sitting there, waiting for you to eat them, and they are from The Hyppo.”

All a person really needs to do is mutter the words “The Hyppo” in front of her child, and a mood full of “I’m bored and it’s hot,” turns into “Popsicles? Strawberry popsicles?!”


It was a Gorgeous Summer Day…for Eating a Popsicle

So off we went to attend the first event of The St. Augustine Mom’s Blog’s 2019 Summer Explore Tour. First up, the Palencia Pirate Park.

The sky had only the occasional fluffy cloud and blue, blue, blue stretched brilliantly from one horizon to the next. The day looked picture perfect…until I opened the car door and the heat slapped me in the face. No matter, the boy led the way through the parking lot like a hound dog on the trail, sniffing out The Hyppo.

Sitting in the comfort of a shady pavilion, the nice ladies of the St. Augustine Mom’s Blog had set up quite a few interesting activities. Several toddlers were running their hands through sensory bins with enthusiasm, like they were digging for treasure. There was also a kiddie pool full of ice and lots of interesting tools for manipulation. That kiddie pool was a toddler magnet, and I watched as the pull became too strong for my tot to fight. She found herself sitting in front of it in a matter of moments.


There was the pleasant sound of soft chatter as lots of moms and children were enjoying each other’s company, a playground with an octopus monster was waiting to be attacked, and then the kiddie pool toddler magnet—it was everything that encapsulates an ideal summer day in childhood. But lets focus on what is important here: popsicles.

Back to the Important Summer Stuff…Popsicles

My boy shifted around the pavilion, eyeing it all like a hound dog overwhelmed by all those confounding scents that were distracting him from hot pursuit. Fortunately the boy has been raised with a moderate dose of manners and he realized it would be rude to stand on a tabletop and demand popsicles from the onlookers — I thought I saw a certain gleam in his eyes while the thought crossed his mind.

Then something wonderful happened. One of the St. Augustine Mom’s Blog owners stepped forward in a peaceful, knowing way, and offered us popsicles. The boy settled down on the bench of a picnic table like a hound dog curling up with a favorite, well chewed bone. All was right with the world.


Idyllic Summer Fun…and Popsicles

All in all, my hound dog met a nice boy on the playground, attacked a monster octopus, played with some cool toys, ate a delicious strawberry flavored popsicle, and got to do so while I got a chance to talk to other adults. It was a lovely summer day.

The St. Augustine Mom’s Blog will be hosting its next event for the 2019 Explore Tour at Davenport Park on June 12th. If you are looking for some good old-fashioned summer fun, come check it out.

Who knows, there might even be popsicles.

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